Do You Have "It"?

Our employees believe that "It" is:

  • "being humble enough to acknowledge your limitations, and brave enough to overcome them"
  • "caring more about the goal than the sacrifice"
  • "doing the right thing, even when no one is watching"
  • "a desperate need to be excellent"
  • "trying harder, even when everyone thinks you are great"

At Relativity Press, we are all about people. We want people on our team who strive to represent "It" by embodying our core values of Stability, Integrity, Dream Big, Expression, and Service.

These values are our SIDES, and we define them as:

S tability - we are committed to providing our team with a stable, positive, energetic working environment.

I ntegrity - the business decisions we make are beneficial to all parties involved. We do more than preach integrity and success; we show it through our example.

D ream Big - our team strives to improve every day; personally and professionally. Through commitment and support, we reach heights most people think impossible.

E xpression - the flow of ideas through our organization is timely, open, effective and positive

S ervice - great is only the beginning. We are a wow-based company in serving our Members and each other, and doing everything we can to help others achieve their goals.

With all our actions founded on these values, we believe we can help people, communities and the world.

Being a part of our team offers you the chance to work with a highly entrepreneurial, fast-paced company whose goal is to change the world (... starting with our market segment).

We are looking for individuals that not only want professional growth, but personal growth as well. Our ideal candidate will have "It" and can't wait to use "It" to help change people's lives.

Best Places to Work

Thanks in part to our commitment to our SIDES, we are proud to join the ranks of Best Places to Work in Central Texas for 2010 as determined by the Austin Business Journal!

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