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Orlando Regional REALTOR Association Presents...

"Join Us on May 16th in Orlando and Learn the Only Short Sale System that Allows You to Help People and Get Fast Bank Approval! "

CDPE Designation
2-Day Live Class

May 16th & 17th, 2013

9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Orlando Regional REALTOR Association
1330 Lee Road
Orlando, FL 32810

Discover the Secrets to Closing Deals Other Agents Can't and Claim Your Share of the Wide-Open Preforeclosure Market!

Dear Colleague,

For a growing number of agents like David Eiglarsh, there's never been a better time to be a Realtor. That's because of an incredible, growing opportunity in every market, in every part of the country.

In fact, for those who have the specialized knowledge and tools, there's an inexhaustible supply of deals just waiting to be closed.

Believe it or not, however, most agents are so intimidated by these deals, they literally won't touch them with a 10-foot pole!

Their fear is your advantage.

The opportunity? Short sales … today's “growth” market in residential real estate.

Dave Eiglarsh

"I made $67,500 in the first six months of applying what I've learned at the CDPE course. I expect to double that in the second six months."

- David Eiglarsh, Eiglarsh Realty


Master this lucrative market with CDPE®

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Here's a staggering fact: 1 out of every 7 mortgages is not being paid.

That's today. The reality behind the headlines and the 6 o'clock news is that foreclosures are not getting better. In fact, they're set to spike in coming months.

The best solution for the vast majority of these homeowners is a short sale. A short sale can get them out of a bad situation with dignity—and that means a lot. It's far less devastating to their credit. It can help them buy again someday without the black mark of a foreclosure forever clouding their credit history.

But short sales take knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. That's why, without question, CDPE is today's most practical, sought-after professional designation for short sale success.

CDPE certification gives you the information, skills, and tools you need. No wonder it's endorsed by leading real estate groups, top brokerages, major lenders, and U.S. institutions, including Fannie Mae and the Treasury Department.

Since 2008, over 35,000 agents have earned the right to call themselves “Certified Distressed Property Experts.” Hands down, CDPE is the leading designation for distressed property deals.

Why? Because it equips agents like you with everything you need to simplify and systematize short sale closings. You'll have the tools to close even the most complicated short sales—guaranteed!

CDPE agents are so good, in fact, they are preferred by leading lenders across America!

Mark Gold

“You cannot be a successful Realtor in today's marketplace without being a CDPE. The certification gives you the knowledge you need.”

- Mark Gold,CENTURY 21 Alliance

Now, if CDPE taught you just the ins and outs of listing and closing a short sale, it would be well worth the tuition. But CDPE is more than a designation course. Upon certification, you're admitted into an elite membership organization. You'll be part of an exclusive society of the nation's top short sale agents.

As long as you are a member, you'll enjoy unique, valuable benefits (more on that a bit later) that will keep you at the top of your game, closing 4x more short sales than the average agent.

No wonder more than 1,000 more agents are earning their designation every month. Getting certified is no longer a good idea… it's now the proven system for success.

As a CDPE graduate, you'll stand head and shoulders above your competition. You'll be one of a mere handful of professionals equipped with the knowledge to close short sales (and earn the commissions) out of 1.2 million agents in the U.S. today.

Just look at these facts. As a CDPE agent, you can expect to…


Close 400% MORE deals than your average competitor


Choose the good deals up front with CDPE screening techniques


Slash processing time by 50 percent; more deals = more commissions


List short sales fast with a complete, foolproof system


Become the “go-to” expert in your market for referrals


Gain the respect and trust of lenders in your market who are trying to avoid more REO properties


Earn a raving fan base of homeowners who see you as a helping hand during a terrible time


Understand exactly what lenders are looking for, and achieve a higher close ratio


Get proven, quick-start marketing help, with optional exclusive advanced marketing materials


See “around the corner” to tomorrow's market through CDPE's constant membership updates

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CDPE Gives You Unique Access to Powerful Industry
Contacts For a Lasting Competitive Edge

How powerful? Consider CDPE's connections:


CDPEs are recognized and receive preferential treatment by several Major Lenders


CDPE's close relationships with banks, Fannie Mae and other key players in the housing industry gives members the “inside scoop” on new policies and programs


Regular appearances on CNBC and Fox News by CEO Alex Charfen has helped raise the profile of CDPEs across the country!

You can see that CDPE makes sense for your business.

More important, CDPE makes sense for your personal and professional satisfaction. That's because the most important reason of all to become certified is the homeowner you will help during one of the worst times of their life.

“Solving the Foreclosure Crisis, One Homeowner at a Time

CDPE's mission is to help “solve the foreclosure crisis, one homeowner at a time.” The gratitude that you earn as you close each deal will not only warm your heart, it will earn you a raving fan base that will refer friends, family, and neighbors to you for the rest of your career.

They'll remember you as their hero. You helped bail them out of foreclosure.

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Don't wait! The class is filling up quickly

Don't miss the chance to take one of our Live CDPE Classes. Thousands of agents have earned their CDPE Designation through our Distance Learning Course, but you have the opportunity to attend a rare, local LIVE event.

Get face-to-face training and all your questions answered personally by one of our experienced Realtor Instructors. Plus, you will have the opportunity to network and exchange referrals with other agents, who share the similar goal of helping homeowners in your community!

Aaron Armstrong

“ If you plan on working in the distressed property market, this course is an absolute must. The information provided and the resources available through the CDPE designation will provide you with the tools you need to be a successful short sale agent. Don't miss out on the amazing opportunity to gain market share and take advantage of this market niche! ”

- Aaron Armstrong,Keller Williams Realty

CDPE's Complete Training Will
Make You The Short Sale Expert in Your Market…

Here is a sampling of the “insider” information, tips and tricks your CDPE instructor reveals:


The fool-proof, 4-step formula for making sure your seller is motivated (and is someone you choose to work with)


Which sellers to avoid like the plague


Why you should never, ever, EVER go to the client's home for the first meeting


How to get 70-80% of your work done in the first meeting


How to spot common short sale pitfalls—and avoid them


Protecting and maintaining your listings past “drop dead” bank sale dates


Foreclosure options and solutions (identifying when a short sale is not in your homeowner's best interest)


Why a short sale is invariably a better solution for the homeowner than foreclosure


How the CDPE Right Pricing Strategy can almost guarantee acceptance of your deal by the lender


Specific steps to become any Mortgage Company's preferred short sale agent


How “starting with the end in mind” prevents most problems and helps assure success


Time-saving tricks for keeping in touch with your seller


Money-making short sale tactics you can apply to any real estate sale

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Watch Your Competition
Hand Over Their Short Sales … to You!

It's unbelievable, but many of your competitors will simply hand over their short sales! They won't even list them. They don't want to be bothered! That's good news for you.

(Maybe that's been you up until now. Maybe you've been afraid. Short sales are too messy, too time-consuming, too complicated. Maybe you've seen too many “blow up.” Maybe you're leery of all the extra “players” in the deal. So, you just haven't been willing to handle them.)

Once you have the CDPE training, system, and membership behind you, I guarantee—you'll see the astounding opportunity staring you in the face.

You'll understand how easy it is to get a handle on this virtually inexhaustible market… and you'll be surprised to find out that all the Realtors who feel the way you used to will gladly hand over their short sale leads to you.

And leads won't just come from other agents. They'll come from friends, family, lenders—chances are, everyone in your sphere of influence knows someone who is in trouble with their mortgage. You'll be the one they turn to once they know you're a distressed property expert.

Yolanda Bradshaw

“ The same night that I received my CDPE Designation, I had a listing and blew my competition out of the game by saying, I am a CDPE and you need someone that knows what they are doing to help you with this transaction. I highly recommend any agent to get this designation. ”

- Yolanda Bradshaw, Prudential California Realty

Knowledge Without Action Won't Bring You Deals…

CDPE Teaches You Marketing Know-How
to Kick Start Your Business in 30 Days or Less!

Knowing how to craft a successful short sale package is just the beginning. Certification also includes 3 in-depth marketing sections on how to jumpstart your distressed property business, including…


How to build your distressed property business quickly and with zero cash with CDPE's proven 30-day blueprint


Why other real estate agents can be one of your best sources of immediate business


Why working with other CDPEs increases your close rate


Key professionals to cultivate for non-stop referrals


How expired listings and FSBO properties can be an untapped goldmine


The little-known publication in every community that tells you the name and addresses of owners in the first stages of foreclosure and the final stages of bank sale


How to use CDPE Membership Benefits to explode the number of times your listings are viewed

"I have been taking short sale classes for over one year….I take any and all workshops on this subject available to me. I found this to be highly motivating, I loved the marketing component shared, and the energy of the group. The more we study this topic, the more we can help homeowners avoid foreclosure."

- Alexandra Musser, Chase International


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The Full Resources of Charfen Institute
Will be at Your Fingertips

The minute you earn your designation, you get unmatched knowledge, a proven system, a certificate to hang on your wall, and the CDPE logo optimized for your business cards, website, and ad campaigns.

But that's just the beginning.

You'll instantly become a member of CDPE when you finish your training. Membership entitles you to ongoing support, updates, and real help from CDPE staff and fellow CDPE graduates, including access to forums, checklists, forms, scripts and every single document you'll need to list, manage and close short sales.

Plus, you'll be enjoy “invitation-only” monthly Member Calls that will keep you up-to-date on changes to the industry and best practices that will help you list, manage, and close more deals, faster.

Tracy Strohecker

“... the fact that you follow up on all the things you said you would is amazing. I was sure you would, however, it is not always done. I can hardly keep up with all you are providing these days after the seminar is over. Thank you for all of that. The roster is probably the greatest thing. I met people I would love to keep in touch with. So, I just wanted to thank you for everything and I will keep you posted as to my successes as a CDPE.”

- Tracy Strohecker, Prudential Homesale Services

Terri McNaughton

“I am impressed with what Alex is sending to us in emails. I feel he went above and beyond to help us. This was the best class - course - instructor I have been to in years. Howard [Brinton] did well by endorsing you and your company. I will recommend this class to everyone.”

- Terri McNaughton, Terri Lynne McNaughton GMAC Real Estate

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CDPE turns a complex legal maze that confuses homeowner and agent alike, into a tight, manageable system that can save a family from foreclosure--and revive your real estate business.

Even agents who are “old hands” at short sales can't say enough about CDPE. Here's what one highly experienced Realtor had to say about her training …

Char MacCallum

"I have done Short Sales for many years. This program taught me the system of preparing, talking, working the file. As with any system, success comes with a reliable method of tracking and preparing the packet. CDPE provided forms and letters that made the process easier. Also the knowledge is priceless, I now can respond to the banks, agents, and clients the correct answers that will lead to success."

- Char MacCallum, Char MacCallum Real Estate Group


Learn From Exceptional Licensed Realtor-Instructors
Who Are Experts in Closing Short Sales
And Have Been Personally Trained by Alex Charfen

The CDPE course was written and is continuously updated by co-founder Alex Charfen. He and his team of instructors have taught the CDPE course to tens of thousands of agents nationwide. All CDPE Instructors are active, licensed Realtors with extensive, hands-on experience in closing short sales using the CDPE system.

That's important. It means you can be sure you're getting “in the trenches” experience, coupled with the latest industry information, plus best practices--all constantly updated as market conditions and regulations change.

Your instructors know the material backwards and forwards. Plus they are excellent teachers and engaging speakers who illustrate key points with case histories and real examples. They bring the ins and outs of short sales to life in a way that is truly unforgettable.

If you've been through other real estate courses that were dry as dust, CDPE will be a welcome change of pace. The techniques you learn will refill your commissions pipeline and re-invigorate your business.

Diana Cardwell

“I was so impressed with the breadth of information in this course. It exceeded my expectations.

The print material was easy to read and understand and the instructors were very informative and enjoyable to listen to and watch. In fact, they were entertaining!

I highly recommend this course to any Realtor that wants to make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling with their homes and wants to be successful in this market!”

- Diana Cardwell,RE/MAX Results

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CDPE's Depth, Range, and Support
is Built for Your Success

Nothing has been left to chance. Look at all of the materials and services you get with your registration:

The system, tools and resources you need to start listing and closing short sales immediately.
320+ Page Distressed Property Field Manual.
The CDPE Resources Folder.
CDPE Online Resource Materials, including over 50 forms and checklists available for immediate download, as often as you want.
FREE! One-Year CDPE Membership ($99 dues, renewable annually): Enjoy full access to the Members' Only area of our website, as well as additional resources, presentations, Monthly Update Conference Calls, useful statistics and industry updates as they happen.
FREE! Access to the CDPE Community Forum: Exchange referrals, syndicate listings, and share best practices with CDPEs around the country.
FREE! Brand yourself as THE Distressed Property Expert in your market. You'll have full Access to the CDPE Logo in color and black & white as long as you are a member. We have already optimized the logos for use on your website, business cards, email signature, and more.
FREE! The CDPE Certificate of Completion: Let everyone know you are an expert!

Everything You Need to List and Close 4x More Short Sales than Your Competition

Here's the bottom line: when you finish this course, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to go out and confidently list and close your first short sale.

If you're already doing short sales, you'll be astounded at how much easier and faster they are using the CDPE complete system.

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Whether a new agent or a seasoned hand, you'll quickly appreciate the “insider” status that CDPE membership gives you with the industry's top players. It really pays to let homeowners, lenders, attorneys, credit counselors, and every other professional involved in real estate know that you have the recognized “master's degree” in short sales.

Here's What People Like You Say About CDPE

We know that CDPE is the best investment a real estate professional can make for sustained success in today's market. But don't take our word for it. Here are a few of the thousands of comments that we have in our office:

David Tibbetts

“The CDPE course may have just saved my real estate career!”

- David Tibbetts, RE/MAX Preferred Professionals

Pat Campbell

“I am a retired educator with over thirty years of helping teachers and students build and implement curriculum. This is by far the best class, live or online, that I have taken since joining the real estate world two years ago. So well organized and powerfully presented with great student feedback.”

- Paul Campbell, Rector Hayden Realtors

Don Rogers

“I wish that I would have taken this course when it first came out instead of waiting. Now I need to catch up with those that already have their designation. This course will be a real plus to my business.”

- Don Rogers, RE/MAX Gold

Adam Redman

“Prior to attending the CDPE course I was very skeptical in wanting anything to do with short sales. In my brief experience, it has been very frustrating to deal with short sales. Upon completing the course, I have a totally changed perspective and am excited to help home owners avoid foreclosure. It was a very beneficial course with a lot of tools that I will utilize on a daily basis.”

- Adam Redman, e-Pro RE/MAX First, LLC

Becky O'Neill

“This was hands down the most intense but well taught class I have ever attended. This instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. It was a true joy to meet her. The material alone will triple my income for sure. I am so excited to start marketing to find listings and I am confident that with the materials I now have, I can process many of these as another pillar of my business. Thank you!”

- Becky O'Neill, RE/MAX Properties West

James Jason Fulmer

“The material and knowledge gained will change my whole career goals and certainly the lives of my customers.....Thank you CDPE for opening a door to many of those who thought were shut in their faces in this tough economic home sales market......I look forward to saving many lives and homes for my customers.”


It's up to you. This is the clearest, easiest path to reviving your real estate business by mastering the booming short sale market. But here's one last thought before you take the plunge…

When You Look Back in Five Years…
Will People Say You Were Part of the Solution?

Our nation's housing market—the backbone of our economy—is in crisis.

For professional agents, the job of getting families into their first house—much less the house of their dreams—is becoming increasingly rare.

Many, many homeowners need us to help them find a way to get out from under their mortgage in a way that does the least damage to their credit and gives them the most dignity. Realtors are the best—perhaps the only—professionals in a position to truly help.

The CDPE Designation is changing the paradigm of success in the real estate industry.

In five years, CDPE-certified agents will be able to count the number of families they helped save.

If you're one of us, you'll know how many foreclosures you helped prevent. You'll be able to look at specific neighborhoods and know that you had a hand in sparing them from devastating depreciation and all the problems that can follow.

You will know that you didn't stand on the sidelines; you took an active role to help turn the tide in our troubled real estate market.

Please join us. There's never been a better time to be a real estate agent. The market has changed.

The opportunity is tremendous.

And we can help you take full advantage while you help homeowners who desperately need your expertise, now more than ever before.

With Gratitude,

Alex Charfen Signature

Alex Charfen
CEO, Charfen Institute
Author, CDPE Designation


P.S. Here's another rave review that just crossed my desk.
“This class was worth every single dollar and minute of my time. It's amazing what I learned in a span of 2 days. I have done a couple short sales and after completing this course my confidence to obtain more short sale listings has just a matter of days! The instructor…cleared up a lot of misconceptions and acknowledged some of the bad habits and practices out there. I am looking forward to the opportunity to take what I learned into the field and do things the right way!”

- Alexsius Jackson, Presidential Real Estate

P.P.S. Think you're already a short sale expert? Or just curious to see what “insider tips” CDPEs know that you may not? Test your knowledge with our short quiz. TAKE THE QUIZ.