If You Said “Yes!” Register Now For The Training That Will Make You A Short-Sale Master and the Hero of Every Family You Help!

Over 45,000 agents have already become Certified Distressed Property Experts. Incredibly, there are nowhere near enough CDPEs to take care of the flood of short sales!

Homeowners need your expertise to help them out of the most stressful, terrifying situation a family can face: losing their home.

Here’s what other agents just like you have to say about how CDPE training has helped them do just that: help homeowners desperate to avoid foreclosure and revitalize their real estate businesses.

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"…nothing has done as much for me as CDPE…"

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"I have made friends for life and I think that I’ll have their children buy homes from us in the future."

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"It absolutely revolutionized the way we do business. If I didn’t take the course last October, I’d be out of business today. In just 10 months, short sales are 60-65% of our business."

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"My business is now 95% referrals..."

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"It’s given us a system… the lender didn’t ask for even one piece of paper after we submitted the package!"

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"CDPE has transformed me to the core. The trust level and the credibility makes even my listing appointments so much different."


Are you ready to be your market’s “go to” Distressed Property Specialist?

If you’re ready for all the success CDPE can bring you,
sign up today for an Online CDPE Distance Learning Course immediately.


Who Else Wants to Discover the Little Known Secrets Bringing Tens of Thousands of Agents Results Like These?


Sellers and buyers turn to you because you’re the short-sale specialist in your town…


You choose which sellers you’ll work with instead of “begging” for the listing…


You have a step-by-step system in place for listing and closing short sales…


You close 8 out of 10 short sales you list… 50% faster than other agents…


You have the world’s leading team of short sale specialists backing you up when you have questions… plus ongoing training and online forums to keep your skills razor-sharp…


You become the “hero” for every homeowner you help to avoid foreclosure (plus family, friends and their business associates to boot!)…


You find yourself effortlessly generating an unheard-of level of loyalty, translating into years of referrals from homeowners, their families and their friends...


You use revolutionary techniques to capitalize on the “new normal” and never again waste your time on unproductive marketing!


Dear Agent,

All of this, and so much more, is waiting for you when you earn your Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation.

In fact, for thousands of agents working in today’s real estate market, the letters “CDPE” have become the doorway to an even better, more stable, more rewarding career than the go-go days of the real estate bubble.

One member said it best… “CDPE is more than a designation; it’s a way of doing business!”

I couldn’t agree more.

My name is Alex Charfen, the author of the Certified Distressed Property Expert Designation and founder of Charfen Institute—the nation’s premier provider of real estate education for the “new world” we find ourselves in.

It’s a market that is completely different than what Realtors faced even 5 years ago, before the bubble burst. But here’s the good news: it’s a market where you can still close all the deals you want and really help people at the same time.

I know because I suffered from the market crash, just like you. And, just like you, I know how hard short sales can be. My wife Cadey and I have closed plenty of them.

Unlike some agents, who keep looking for that “normal” market that’s gone forever, Cadey and I recognized that the market had permanently and dramatically shifted.

Today, 40% of the market is in short sales. And that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future.

If you don’t know how to do a short sale right, a transaction that should take 45 days can grind on and on for months… even a year or more.

But, if you take 2 days out of your life today, we will give you the proven system, tools, specific knowledge, and ongoing support to make sure that you—like tens of thousands of CDPE’s working right now—will also be able to close 8 out of every 10 deals you take on, in months, not years.

I’m not saying that you won’t have to make an effort: short sales are a business, just like “normal” real estate.

The difference is, once you have your CDPE Designation, the door will swing wide open to an unbelievable array of tools, short-cuts, and (most importantly) fellow CDPEs who will help you turn today’s “down market” into a steady source of closings and repeat business.

Don’t believe me? Go back up to the top of this letter and listen again to what a few of our graduates have to say.


Earn Your Designation at Home with our Online Distance Learning Option

CDPE Distance Learning

Becoming a CDPE is easy.

You can take the course in the privacy of your own home or office with our Online Distance Learning Course.

The short, bite-sized training videos are fast, engaging, jam-packed with the latest information on the short-sale process, and loaded with “insider tips” and best practices known only to our Master Instructors.

You can spread Distance Learning over several weeks, or you can complete the course at home over a weekend, take your test, and get your designation before Monday morning!

One thing you can be sure of:

Through comprehensive training and CDPE Membership, you’ll know how to handle the complex issues confronting distressed properties and the owners who are desperate to find a solution.

You’ll actually have a blueprint that will let you thrive while providing solutions for homeowners facing hardships.

That’s because you’ll do much more than assist in buying and selling properties, you’ll serve your clients by helping them figure out solutions during one of the most stressful times of their lives.

Online Distance Learning

CDPE Gives You Unique Access to Powerful Industry
Contacts For a Lasting Competitive Edge

How powerful? Consider CDPE’s connections:


CDPEs are recognized and receive preferential treatment by several Major Lenders


CDPE’s close relationships with banks, Fannie Mae and other key players in the housing industry gives members the “inside scoop” on new policies and programs


Regular appearances on CNBC and Fox News by CEO Alex Charfen has helped raise the profile of CDPEs across the country!

CDPE makes sense for your personal and professional satisfaction. That’s because the most important reason of all to become certified is the homeowner you will help during one of the worst times of their life.

“Solving the Foreclosure Crisis, One Homeowner at a Time”

CDPE’s mission is to help “solve the foreclosure crisis, one homeowner at a time.” The gratitude that you earn as you close each deal will not only warm your heart, it will earn you a raving fan base that will refer friends, family, and neighbors to you for the rest of your career. (This isn’t a promise—this is something CDPEs tell us they experience every single day.)

They’ll remember you as their hero. You helped bail them out of foreclosure.

Maybe you’ve recently made the decision to start handling short sales and you’ve just heard about CDPE. Maybe you’ve put it off because the live trainings haven’t fit your schedule. Either way, here’s good news…

You can earn your CDPE through our online Distance Learning program. (All you need is a computer and a high speed internet connection for Distance Learning.)

CDPE’s Complete Training Will
Make You The Short Sale Expert in Your Market…

Here is a sampling of the “insider” information CDPE training reveals…


The fool-proof, 4-step formula for making sure your seller is motivated (and is someone you choose to work with)


Which sellers to avoid like the plague


Why you should never, ever, EVER go to the client’s home for the first meeting


How to get 70-80% of your work done in the first meeting


How to spot common short sale pitfalls—and avoid them


Protecting and maintaining your listings past “drop dead” bank sale dates


Foreclosure options and solutions (identifying when a short sale is not in your homeowner’s best interest)


Why a short sale is invariably a better solution for the homeowner than foreclosure


How the CDPE Right Pricing Strategy can almost guarantee acceptance of your deal by the lender


Specific steps to become any Mortgage Company’s preferred short sale agent


How “starting with the end in mind” prevents most problems and helps assure success


Time-saving tricks for keeping in touch with your seller


Short sale tactics you can apply to any real estate sale

Online Distance Learning

Watch in Amazement as Your Competition
Rushes to Hand Over Their Distressed Property Listings


Maybe this describes you up until now—afraid short sales are too messy, time-consuming, and complicated; afraid they’ll “blow up” in your face; leery of all the extra “players” in the deal. So, you just haven’t been willing to handle them.

Or maybe you did try to do a short sale… only to find it dragging on month after miserable month. (That’s no way to make a living!)

That’s all behind you. Once you have the CDPE training, system, and membership behind you, you’ll see the enormous opportunity staring you in the face.

You’ll understand how easy it is for you to get a handle on this virtually inexhaustible market … and you’ll be surprised to find out that all the agents who feel the way you used to will gladly hand over their short sale leads to you.

And leads won’t just come from other Realtors. They’ll come from friends, family, lenders—chances are, everyone in your sphere of influence knows someone who is in trouble with their mortgage.

You’ll be the one they turn to once they know you’re a distressed property expert.


Knowledge Without Action Won’t Bring You Deals …
So CDPE Teaches You How to Kick Start Your Business in 30 Days or Less!

Knowing how to craft a successful short sale package is just the beginning. Certification also includes 3 in-depth marketing sections on how to jumpstart your distressed property business, including …

How to build your distressed property business quickly and with zero cash with CDPE’s proven 30-day blueprint.


Why other real estate agents can be one of your best sources of immediate business


Why working with other CDPEs increases your close rate


Key professionals to cultivate for non-stop referrals


How expired listings and FSBO properties can be an untapped goldmine


The little-known publication in every community that tells you the name and addresses of owners in the first stages of foreclosure and the final stages of bank sale


How to use CDPE Membership Benefits to explode the number of times your listings are viewed

Online Distance Learning

Get Started Today!

As a CDPE Member, You Can Rely On the Full Resources of the Charfen Institute

When you earn your designation, you get unmatched knowledge, a proven system, a certificate to hang on your wall and the CDPE logo optimized for your business cards, website, and ad campaigns.

Far more important, however, you’ll become a member of CDPE. Membership entitles you to ongoing support, updates, and real help from CDPE staff and fellow CDPE graduates.

If you run into a problem or have a question, or need help in any way, you have a ton of resources to back you up. Here is what being a member meant to Debbie Maggard of CENTURY 21 Home Realtors, Chino, CA, even before she had completed her certification.

I have been an active realtor for 21 yrs, last 5 have spent mostly on selling inventory for Wells Fargo and standard sales. As WF inventory slowed I wanted to know up to date info on Short Sales and a past client needed to sell short so I signed up for online CDPE.

I think it is one of the best classes I have ever taken and I've taken a lot. Halfway thru the class I went on my listing appointment for my short sale with confidence that I could do a great job for them and CDPE e-mailed the Authorization form so I could take it with me on my appointment even though I was not thru the class.

I got the listing on Sunday, contacted the bank Monday, wrote an offer on Tues, contacted the bank and was assigned to a negotiator by Friday and sent him the complete package and we are on our way and are in contact with him weekly.

I loved the class so much that even though I could have taken my final first time through I went back through because there is so much knowledge to glean from in the class. Took and passed the final yesterday and am now a CDPE.

Up until now I avoided short sales because I could and they were too much of a hassle but now I have a system and forms to guide me through the process. Congrats to you and your team for offering a solution to a stressful and bad situation.

Online Distance Learning

As Debbie found, CDPE’s benefits begin with the course. CDPE turns a complex legal maze that confuses homeowner and agent alike, into a tight, manageable system that can save a family from foreclosure--and revive your real estate business.

Learn From Exceptional Licensed Agent-Instructors
Who Are Experts in Closing Short Sales
And Personally Trained by Alex Charfen

CDPE is taught by founder Alex Charfen and instructors he has personally trained. Every instructor is an active, licensed Realtor with extensive, hands-on experience in closing short sales using the CDPE system.

You can be sure you’re getting “in the trenches” experience, coupled with the latest industry information, plus best practices--all constantly updated as market conditions and regulations change.

Plus you’ll get “insider tips,” time-savers and closing techniques that instructor’s glean from talking to CDPEs working in every market in the nation. It’s money-making information you just can’t get anywhere else.

Your instructors know the material backwards and forwards. Plus they are excellent teachers and engaging speakers who illustrate key points with case histories and real examples. They bring the ins and outs of short sales to life in a way that is truly unforgettable.

If you’ve been through other real estate courses that were dry as dust, CDPE will be a welcome change of pace. The techniques you learn will refill your commissions pipeline and re-invigorate your business.

Diana Cardwell

I was so impressed with the breadth of information in this course. It exceeded my expectations.

The print material was easy to read and understand and the online instructors were very informative and enjoyable to listen to and watch. In fact, they were entertaining!

I highly recommend this course to any Realtor that wants to make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling with their homes and wants to be successful in this market!

- Diana Cardwell,RE/MAX Results

Field-Tested and Proven,
CDPE-Trained Agents are Trained to Succeed!

The system, tools and resources you need to start listing and close short sales immediately.
320+ Page Distressed Property Field Manual.
The CDPE Resources Folder.
CDPE Online Resource Materials, including hundreds of resources for every short sale scenario. You'll have access to marketing materials, scripts, dialogues, government resources, over 50 forms, checklists, and basically whatever you're looking for—we thought of it and made it for you.
Exclusive Industry Broadcasts with organizations like Bank of America, US Treasury, and Fannie Mae where you get insider information and understanding on what is happening at the servicer level, government level, and at the lender level.
Monthly Member Coaching Calls and updates so you understand what is happening today in our marketplace.
FREE! One-Year CDPE Membership ($99 dues, renewable annually): Enjoy full access to the Members’ Only area of our website, as well as additional resources, presentations, Monthly Update Conference Calls, useful statistics and industry updates as they happen.
FREE! Access to the CDPE Community Forum: Exchange referrals, syndicate listings, and share best practices with CDPEs around the country.
FREE! Brand yourself as THE Distressed Property Expert in your market. You’ll have full Access to the CDPE Logo in color and black & white as long as you are a member. We have already optimized the logos for use on your website, business cards, email signature, and more.
FREE! The CDPE Certificate of Completion: Let everyone know you are an expert!
Online Distance Learning

Here’s the bottom line: when you finish your training, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to go out and confidently list and close your first short sale.

If you’re already doing short sales, you’ll be astounded at how much easier and faster they are using the CDPE complete system.

Register Now For Online Distance Learning

Whether a new agent or a seasoned hand, you’ll quickly appreciate the “insider” status that CDPE membership gives you with the industry’s top players.

It really pays to let homeowners, lenders, attorneys, credit counselors, and every other professional involved in real estate know that you have the recognized “master’s degree” in short sales.

Here’s How Other Agents Say CDPE Has Changed Their Lives…

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"80% of my business is coming from distressed properties…they’re my best customers."

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"It’s not just a designation, it’s a way of doing business."

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"Learning the process made all the difference. I got short sale acceptance yesterday. We’re getting referrals already.”

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“(Because of CDPE, clients)… feel confident that I can step forward and help them through the most difficult time in their life”

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"CDPE training was the best training I’ve ever taken. The best investment you’ll make. Period.”

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“It’s changed my business. I would be literally, probably out of the business if I didn’t do this…”


CDPE is the Fastest Way to Fill
Your Commissions Pipeline

Consider this: over 45,000 people just like you have become CDPEs. About 3 out of 4 have attended 2-day Live Events, many flying thousands of miles to learn this material.

Why? Because they looked at the numbers and it’s simple: 40% of today’s closings are distressed properties. The quickest way to fill your commissions pipeline is to master this niche.

Isn’t it time you joined this group of winners who are dedicated to our profession—and dedicated to helping solve the foreclosure crisis, one homeowner at a time?

It’s truly up to you. This is the clearest, easiest path to reviving your real estate business by mastering the booming short sale market. But here’s one last thought before you take the plunge…

When You Look Back in Five Years…
Will You Be Able to Say You Were Part of the Solution?

Our nation’s housing market—the backbone of our economy—is in crisis.

For professional agents, the traditional sale--getting families into their first house or the house of their dreams—is becoming increasingly rare.

Many, many homeowners need us to help them find a way to get out from under their mortgage in a way that does the least damage to their credit and gives them the most dignity. Agents are the best—perhaps the only—professionals in a position to truly help.

The CDPE Designation is changing how agents suceed in the real estate industry.

In five years, CDPE-certified agents will be able to count the number of families they helped save.

If you’re one of us, you’ll know how many foreclosures you helped prevent. You’ll be able to look at specific neighborhoods and know that you had a hand in sparing them from devastating depreciation and all the problems that can follow.

You will know that you didn’t stand on the sidelines; you took an active role to help turn the tide in our troubled real estate market.

Please join us. There’s never been a better time to be a real estate agent. The market has changed.

The opportunity is tremendous.

And we can help you take full advantage while you help homeowners who desperately need your expertise, now more than ever before.

Best of all, you can do it on your terms, on your schedule with our online Distance Learning Course!

With gratitude,

Alex Charfen Signature

Alex Charfen
CEO, Charfen Institute
Author, CDPE Designation

P.S. A special message to you from CDPE graduates…

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Online Distance Learning

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