Are You Ready to Take Your CDPE Designation to the Next Level?

Dear CDPE,

Your success is our goal.

With CDPE, you gained the knowledge and tools to find and help homeowners in distress, efficiently close short sales, and consequently boost your business.

Some CDPEs, however, want more. Some CDPEs want to truly transform their businesses into distressed property businesses, finding and serving as many homeowners as possible.

Time and time again, you asked us, "How do I take my business to the next level?" or "How do I help even more homeowners?"

The answer? With a complete, highly targeted marketing campaign created around the specific needs of distressed homeowners.

However, the problem is that many agents have trouble finding the time and money to create a plan like this.

Just think about how many hours and how much money it takes to research, devise, plan, design and implement a full-scale marketing campaign, including print, web, email, etc. Developing the idea alone can take hours, even days. Then there are developers and designers to find, coordinate with and pay to create your tools and materials. The time and money add up quickly.

But we have your solution: a turn-key system that takes less than 30 minutes to start and is proven to generate more qualified leads and closable listings.

With your needs and success in mind, we created CDPEAdvanced: the ready-to-go, robust marketing system designed to make it even easier for you to reach distressed homeowners, generate listings, and rev your business up into high-gear.

With CDPEAdvanced, we've done the research, thought through all the requirements of an effective, distressed property marketing campaign, and compiled everything into an easily implemented system that works.

Each month, our content and design teams bring you a fresh set of professional marketing materials. You get reports, flyers, postcards, copy-and-paste email templates, press releases, blog posts, hand-written note starters, social media content and more.

Then with your prebuilt, "done-for-you" CDPESite, you will convert distressed homeowner interest into leads and get your phone ringing. No special technical knowledge required!

And to ensure you get the most out of these tools and materials, Alex Charfen breaks them down on twice-monthly member calls, giving you best marketing practices and strategies.

All the work done for you, and at a fraction of the cost. All the hours and money you would have spent developing marketing materials, you'll now spend following-up with and meeting clients, or even just with your family. The possibilities are endless.

So if you're ready to make the most of your CDPE designation and launch your business to the next level, sign up for CDPEAdvanced today.

We're so confident in this system, we don't require a commitment. If you implement the system and don't see results, you can cancel at anytime.

1st Month of CDPEAdvanced Membership: $99 value
CDPEAdvanced Membership Activation: $149 value

Recurring $99 monthly

Your CDPEAdvanced marketing system includes:

New High–Impact Marketing Campaign Every Month

Get $3,000 worth of new strategic marketing materials each month optimized to maximize your distressed homeowner leads. (Easily personalize these materials with your name and contact information, and start generating leads in no time!)

BONUS: Your Customizable CDPESite!

It’s never been easier to start marketing yourself as a Distressed Property Expert online! In minutes you can have your new site up and running, and it comes pre-loaded with valuable content to position YOU as the leader in your market.

Generate Leads with Premium Listing on "Find a CDPE"

Acquire qualified leads and referrals with premium-highlighted placement on 'Find a CDPE.' (Major lenders are now referring delinquent homeowners here in masses.)


"I got a referral through Chase to a homeowner in distress. The Chase bank rep got on and called me to connect me to the homeowner to list their home for short sale. It really works!"
                    - Jeff Rising, RE/MAX Irish Hills, Manitou Beach, MI

Twice-Monthly Coaching Calls with CDPE Author & CEO Alex Charfen

Get the latest industry news, valuable marketing tips, and answers to your short sale questions on Alex's twice-monthly coaching calls! (Stay motivated, and never again feel uncertain about how to handle your unique deal.)

12-Week, Day-by-Day Coaching Programs

Throughout the year, we'll bring you 12-Week, day-by-day marketing plans. Our programs have helped CDPEs generate 26 new leads and 11 new listings over on average!

How does it work? Each week you'll be given simple, daily activities that will take you between five minutes and an hour to complete. You'll also receive motivational videos and a custom dashboard to track your progress, share your results and connect with other participants!

Exclusive Access to our Advanced Member Forums

Avoid the costly and embarrassing mistakes other agents have made and skip to the finish line. Ethically swipe best practices and synergize with these new friends in the thriving CDPEAdvanced Member Forum.

Get Step-by-Step Instructions on Our Advanced Orientation

Our all-new Advanced Orientation will walk you step-by-step through your Advanced Membership and show you how to maximize your business potential. Get expert advice, marketing tips and more on this valuable call. Now you have an experienced guide to help you leverage your membership benefits!


Access to the Advanced Resource Archives

You’ll receive immediate access to hundreds of Advanced resources, including scripts, checklists, presentations forms, archived coaching calls and more! The wealth of resources and knowledge in this archive already can keep your business running in high gear for a year or more!


BONUS! "Insider Access" to Major Lenders and Government Agencies

Cut in line and be the first to acquire new insider information. CDPE Broadcasts regularly showcase heavyweights like Bank of America, the U.S. Treasury Department and Fannie Mae. As a CDPEAdvanced Member, you get "behind-the-scenes" access (and a huge jump on your competition).

Recurring $99 monthly

Here’s what other CDPEAdvanced Members are saying about the program!

"My phone just has not stopped ringing. We actually had 5 confirmed listing appointments this week with 6 consultations. And all of that was done within an hour or so on Saturday. I’m just amazed at starting so late with the Advanced Program how much response I’ve received."
- Wendy Brown, Better Homes and Gardens
"We had a great week! 4 new listings, and we’re on mission to save as many homeowners from foreclosure as we possibly can! Thanks to everyone at the Charfen Institute for providing all the tools, resources needed!"
- Cindy Keil, RE/MAX Metro
"I started the 1st week and listed 3 properties, and received two other calls from borrowers that I am following up with this week."
- Edward Leavy, RE/MAX First Coast of Georgia Realty

Recurring $99 monthly